Month: October 2023

2023Technology Law

Facial Recognition in the Eyes of the Law

Emilia Ball Law enforcement throughout the United States uses facial recognition technology to make arrests, despite proof that reliance on this mechanism for identifying subjects has led to several wrongful arrests. Due to the United States’ lack of comprehensive federal data privacy laws, most Americans are unaware that their photos and data make up the information that facial recognition databases use to make these arrests. This Article examines the current state of facial recognition technology and data privacy laws in the United States and the European Union. Moreover, it advocates for a federal data privacy law that accommodates current and...
2023PatentTechnology Law

Eighty Degrees in Boston, in April: A Problem Best Suited for Intellectual Property?

Alice Yoon Humanity is currently losing the fight against climate change. As temperatures continue to rise, immediate and affirmative action must be taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The development and implementation of technology that can mitigate climate change, known as “green technology,” will be critical moving forward. A commonly proposed method for incentivizing the development of green technology is strengthening intellectual property rights for companies who develop such technology. Nevertheless, considering the recent harmful role intellectual property rights played during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is unclear whether emphasizing increased access to patent rights for green technology will actually lead...