Month: November 2002


For Sale Signs in Cyberspace: Whether Federal Rule of Evidence 408 Should Be Adapted to the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy for Internet Domain Names to Bar Evidence of Offers to Settle from Arbitration Proceedings

R. Jonas Geissler In 1996, Panavision International, L.P., demanded that Dennis Toeppen stop using the domain name because it was identical to the Panavision trademarked name. Toeppen replied that he had a right to the domain name, which he had registered with Network Solutions, Incorporated. If your attorney has advised you otherwise, he is trying to screw you. He wants to blaze new trails in the legal frontier at your expense. Why do you want to fund your attorney’s purchase of a new boat (or whatever) when you can facilitate the acquisition of ‘’ (sic) cheaply and simply instead? This article...