Month: June 2023

2023Blog Post

BLOG POST: One Step Forward or One Step Back: Artificial Intelligence Increases Accessibility but Limits Copyright Protection for Artists with Disabilities*

*This writing is a blog post. It is not a published IPTF Journal article. Josephine Meier In 2018, artist Sean Aaberg suffered a debilitating stroke, severely affecting the left side of his body.[1] Prior to his stoke, Aaberg was a boardgame designer who found success drawing colorful, vivid images and spinning classic “fantasy tropes” into something more engaging and modern for players.[2] After his stroke, Aaberg found a way to continue his craft by turning to artificial intelligence software Midjourney for assistance in rendering the drawings he was no longer capable of making independently.[3] The Midjourney program allows users to...
2023Healthcare Law

A Trip to Inequity: How the TRIPS Agreement Hinders Access to Needed COVID-19 Therapeutics

Ruchita Jain The COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage on in much of the world, severely affecting the health of millions. But citizens of high-income nations have accepted the pandemic to be over. The key to ending the pandemic globally across all nations is equal and efficient access to necessary COVID-19 therapeutics, including vaccines. This Article argues that least developed nations and their access to COVID-19 therapeutics, including vaccines, is negatively impacted by the TRIPS Agreement. International human rights law and the TRIPS Agreement remain incompatible, leading to disproportionate access of necessary therapeutics as systemic racism is perpetuated. Along with considering...