Take 3- BPF Final Project

This cumulative project is worth 25 % of your overall class grade. Projects will be graded based on the following criteria:

  • 20% Analytical Take
  • 20% Artistic Representation Take
  • 20% Quotidian Performance Take-
  • 10% Overall Cohesiveness (includes presentation frame)
  • 20% 3-5 page Project Reflection + Bibliography
  • 10% Self Evaluation


  • Demonstrate their understanding of semester long discussion about the political, aesthetic, and social significance of performance & form.
  • develop at least one previous idea (from a journal or class post).
  • extend examination of a particular text and/or class inquiry.
  • reflect on the ways in which these black cultural text demand both consideration and participation.
  • interrogate their own performance practices as a student, thinker, and whole person.


For this project you will explore a critical question related to this course material in three different forms and/or mediums. One of your takes should be legible as an academic analysis; one should be legible as an artistic representation; and one should be legible as an everyday performance.


  • 1-2 of your takes should develop from an earlier post and/or journal entry assignment.
  • It’s up to you to decide whether you develop a journal entry into an analysis take (developing a close reading observation into a more flushed out interpretive claim or thesis); a quotidian performance; or an artistic representation (e.g. returning to a side doodle or a creative entry to flush it out further OR transforming what was originally more a close reading journal entry into a dramatic script).
  • Unless otherwise instructed by the professor, your academic analysis take should be in the form of a 4-5 page close reading analysis paper (i.e. a more flushed out close reading post aka a conference paper).
  • In addition to the three takes, your final project should include:
    • a 3-5 page reflection essay on the medium, form, and content choices of each take and their relation to each other.
    • a presentation frame that brings them all together (i.e. a blog post, a portfolio, a poster project, a video recording in which the analysis paper is read out loud as an introduction to the performances, a podcast, etc.)
    • a self evaluation (handout to be circulated by professor towards the end of the semester)