Office Hours

Office hours are one of the most valuable resources you have as a college and/or graduate student, so make use of them, not just in this class, but in all of your classes.

Office hours this semester will take place virtually via Google Meet, Google Hangout, and Google Chat. In addition to the normal office hours, I will do my best to offer additional office hours near midterms and finals when demand for office hours are typically high.

Please note “office hours” are for any one wishing to meet with me, not just the students in this class. While there are times (usually at the beginning) when my office hours are fairly open, and it’s easy expect that if you pop in last minute, we will be able to chat. However especially as the semester picks up, office hours can fill up. If you know that you in advance that you plan to come to office hours at a particular time, I suggest letting me know ahead of time, so I can 10-20 minutes for you (as needed). While the idea of reserving a spot, might seem counter intuitive to some people’s idea of “office hours,” I find that that the first-come-first serve method is not fair for those students whose schedules prevent them from arriving early enough to ensure they can utilize the time. Indeed, during peak times, I may actively circulate a sign up sheet asking for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices so I can facilitate a schedule that accommodates as many folks as possible.

If you have an ongoing conflict with the office hours, please email me, so we can schedule another time.