Palette of Virtues in Practice

A painter's palette with blobs of different colors on it that have different words on them.

Any human activity involves human values. Making choices to engage in some behaviors and not others. Understanding and taking on responsibilities and consequences. The coding playground, through the CAL pedagogy, provides an intentional opportunity to teach and learn values.

The metaphor of a palette of virtues recalls the painter’s palette described in Marina Bers’ Beyond Coding: How to Teach Human Values through Programming. Like the artist who makes her palette with new colors and mixes and matches them, the coder also has a dynamic way of displaying and exploring values. Our palette starts with ten values. However, new ones can be added. Creative programming can be a pathway for character development, for exploring the socio emotional and ethical dimensions of learning. Ultimately, to understand that our actions, like the actions of anyone who creates, have consequences.

To see the Palette of Virtues in Practice with KIBO and ScratchJr, click the images below:

Light purple blob with the word generosity in it.
Blue blob with the word honesty it.
Light blue blob with the word optimism in it.
Pink blob with the word fairness.
Dark red blob with the word gratitude in it.
Light green blob with the word forgiveness in it.
Green blob with the word patience in it.
Red blob with the word open-mindedness.
Orange blob with the word curiosity in it.
Yellow blob with the word perseverance in it.