Do you want to learn at your own time and pace how to teach the CAL curriculum and how to make a coding playground in your classroom? Try out our free TeachCAL course!

TeachCAL is a free, self-paced online course designed to familiarize educators with the features of the ScratchJr programming language, one of our innovative tech tools, and the corresponding Coding as Another Language (CAL) pedagogy and activities. The CAL approach understands the learning of computer science as a new literacy for the 21st century.

Based on this approach, the DevTech Research Group developed a set of curriculum units for K-2 using ScratchJr. The CAL curriculum introduces powerful ideas from computer science in conversation with literacy, in a playful, structured, and developmentally appropriate way through unplugged games, storytelling, movement, singing and coding. The TeachCAL module prepares educators to implement the CAL-ScratchJr curriculum and pedagogies in their own classrooms and communities.