Each student will have 48 hours to complete an open note / open book take-home midterm. The exam will consist of three parts:

  • The first will include a mix of multiple choice and true or false questions.
  • The second will consist of short answer identification questions.
  • The third section will consist of a short essay answer based on one of the prompts provided by the instructor.

Test Policies

  • The midterm will be open book and open notes.
  • Students may not consult with the writing center, tutors, classmates, instructors, parents, outside professional services (of any kind), or any other individual, group, or institution on their work.
  • Students may consult their notes and ONLY their notes. Students may not consult study guides, cliff notes, scholarly articles, other students’ work or any material beyond the texts on the syllabus and the student’s own notes.
  • Students will have 48 hours to complete the midterm.
  • Exams must be submitted electronically per the instructions provided on the exam.
  • Students in need of special accommodations must:
    1. Submit a dean’s note or a note from student academic affairs indicating your request for accommodation.
    2. Meet with me at least two weeks prior to the scheduled exam date in order to discuss a reasonable and sufficient accommodation.