Black Life/ Black Death

Black Life / Black Death (47 total: 13 required; 34 optional)

Gender and the Materiality of Black Dancing Bodies

Gender and the Materiality of Black Dancing Bodies (41)

Improvisation, Choreography, Change

Improvisation, Choreography, Change (53 pages)

Boxed and Bound Packet

  • View: the nine images available at “Images of People (9 images)” Image Galleries. Resources. <>

  • Read: (7 pages*) Chapter 7 (VII) and “Air. Uncle Ned” in Brown, Henry. Narrative of the Life of Henry Box Brown, Written by Himself. 1851. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill’s Documenting the American South. <> Accessed 8.31.22

  • *Page estimated based on copy and pasting into Word document. Page estimates do not correlate with the pagination indicated on the digital narratives as posted on Docsouth.

Black Social & Pop Dance

Black Social & Pop Dance

Bounce Music and the Beats

Childish Gambino: “Childish Gambino – This is America (Official Video)” posted by Childish Gambino 3.5.18. Accessed 8.27.20. Childish Gambino.


Souldjer Boy

James Brown

Michael Jackson

Beyonce: “Grown Woman” and “Single Ladies”; “Alright” and “Beyonce out dancing her dancers for 11 minutes and 36 seconds straight.” AND “Beyonce – Formation,” Posted by Beyonce. 12.9.16. Accessed 8.27.20.

Black Ballerinas

Black Ballerinas

Misty Copeland

“This Week’ Sunday Spotlight: Misty Copeland.” Posted by ABC News. Apr 6, 2014 (Accessed 9/25/20).

“Misty Copeland Dances Romeo + Juliet, Tschaikovsky Pas de Deux & White Swan at Vail Dance 2015”  Posted by Nel Shelby Productions. August 19, 2015. (Accessed 9/25/20).

“Watch an Exclusive Clip of Misty Copeland’s ​”A Ballerina’s Tale” Documentary.” Posted by Teen Vogue. Oct 19, 2015 (Accessed 9/25/20).

“Barack Obama & Misty Copeland On Race, Body Image & Staying Humble | The Influencers | TIME” Posted by Time. Jan 26, 2017 (Accessed 9/25/20)

Michaela DePrince

“Dancers Among Us: Michaela DePrince & Skyler Maxey-Wert │ Jacob’s Pillow Dance.” Jul 30, 2013 (Accessed 9/25/20).

“The ballet dancer who fought to wear brown tights | Michaela DePrince | Rebels | BBC Sport.” Posted by BBC Sport. Oct 5, 2019 (Accessed 9/25/20).

“Orphan From Sierra Leone Becomes World-Class Ballerina.” Posted by Storyhunter. July 26, 2013 (Accessed 9/25/20).

“Michaela De Prince (Dutch National Ballet), Variation from Don Quixote 2010.” Posted by September 1, 2019 (Accessed 9/25/20).

Katherine Dunham

“Katherine Dunham Performing Ballet Creole (1952) | British Pathé.” Posted by British Pathé. August 27, 2014 (Accessed 9/25/20).

“Katherine Duhham.” Posted by educatetoliberate. March 2, 2008 (Accessed 9/25/20).

“Katherine Dunham and her Dance Company in Casbah.” Posted by Danielle Hall. May 16, 2003 (Accessed 9/25/20).

Moving in Black Space

Moved with Laughter

Optional Watching

Total Viewing Time: 92 minutes 38 seconds

Jackie “Moms” Mabley [11:02]

Whoopi Goldberg [15:31]

Issa Rae [37:01]

Robin Thede [5:21]

A Black Woman’s Comedy Show [18:36]

Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson on 2 Dope Queens


Zainab Johnson [5:07]

Jackée Harry [14:00]