Journal Requirements


At minimum, each movement journal will consist of at least eight journal entries and a final journal reflection. For most of these entries, students must respond to one of the prompts provided by the professor on the Journal Prompts page. While all journal entries should be uploaded to the student’s personal class blog site, students may elect to publish some entries as “private.” Posts published as “private” will not be viewable to other students, and they will not be reviewed by the professor. To encourage paced completion and allow more opportunity for class engagement, there will be three benchmark due dates, indicating when students should have completed 1/4 (two entries); 1/2 (four entries); and all (eight) of the required journal entries. In addition to the course schedule, you can find these due dates along with more information about what each benchmark requires on the “Journal Prompts” page.

  • Please note that as part of the final journal reflections, students will be asked to draw connections, identify tensions, and productive developments between the different entries. Rather than wait until the final reflection, I encourage students to think about connections between entries, ideas, texts, etc. as they go. Some simple way to track common motifs, draw connections, and even identify questions and tensions across your entries is to make use of the blogs digital components in terms of hyperlinking, post tags, color coding, embedding media or shared timelines, etc.


  • All journal entries and the final reflection must be published on the student’s personal class blog.
  • Up to four of the entries may be published as “private.”
  • While some entries can be composed and completed directly in the electronic blog site, other entries will require students to complete the journal exercise by hand and then upload images of their work and reflections to their electronic class blog.
  • Students should stay on top of the benchmark dates and make sure they have published the required number of journal entries for each benchmark indicated on the course schedule.
  • Students are responsible for completing at least 8 journal entries throughout the semester.
    • Two entries must respond to one of the prompts from column A on the journal prompts page.
    • Two entries must respond to a prompt from Column B.
    • Two entries must respond to a prompt from Column C.
    • At least one of the entries, must be a “free” journal entry in which the students identifies some aspect of the course material to explore and reflect on in manner and medium of their choosing.
    • For the remaining required entry, students can choose to do another free entry or to pick from one of the prompts from either column A, B, or C on the prompts page.
    • Note: The prompts in column A and B are designed to help you engage some aspect of the course through either a creative analytic (column A) or a personal reflection (column B). The prompts in column C are designed to help students think through some aspect of their final group project.