Project Check In Due (Monday, 11/21)

Directions: By the end of the day on Monday, November 21st, someone from each group should email me the the two items listed below.:

Item 1:  A five minute video of your most recent workshop/practice of the movement you’re staging for your final project.

(Do not email the video as an attachment. The file will be too long. Save your video to Google Drive and email me a link to the document.)

Item 2:  Completed answers to the following questions:

1 ) Since the last check in, how has your group’s movement changed in terms of 

  • – Audience
  • – Setting
  • – Objectives
  • – Aesthetics

2)  Please explain of the reasoning behind the changes/developments you’ve identified in your above response to question one.

3) Identify two concepts, historical events, or movement texts discussed in the course materials that the movement you’re staging is engaging in a meaningful way.

4) Choose one of your responses to the third question, and elaborate on how the movement your group plans to stage will engage this aspect of the course material in a meaningful way. Be specific.

5) At this time, what is your group thinking about the following:

  • – Duration of your movement:
  • – Use of technology, media, props, etc. in the staging of your movement.
  • – Tentative time(s)/dates(s) when you plan to stage your movement.
  • – When, how, and to whom, you will announce/advertise about the movement you will stage.

6) Please take time to respond to the questions and concerns I presented on your last check-in, by doing the following:

  • – Answer any question I may have posed in my comments
  • – Provide a thoughtful and realistic response to any intellectual, political, aesthetic, or logistic concern I pose in my comments.
  • – Review my green highlights. These are places where I needed more details or a more refined response.  Note where your responses to the above questions provide the additional detail and/or more focused scope that the highlighted section needs.  Note where your above responses do not provide the additional details and refined rationale that one of the green highlights need.  Elaborate on the green highlights that you have not already flushed out in your responses to the above questions.  

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