Final Journal Reflection Questions (Due 12/17 by 11:30 pm)

Please submit your thoughtfully completed responses to the below questions via email along with your completed journal assignment. You may submit your responses either by including the questions in the body of your journal (ie. as an additional entry of sorts) OR you can email me your completed responses separately as a Word document.  

Note: Since I’m getting these reflection questions to you later than I intended, I’m extending the due date for the final journal assignment to Saturday, December 17th at 11:30 pm. If you anticipate difficulties meeting this extended deadline, please let me know no later than 9:00 am on Tuesday, December 13th.

Journal Reflection Questions:

Your Name:

1 – Describe your experience of completing the different journal prompts over the course of the semester?

2 – What resonated with you and why? 

3 – What did you find challenging and why?

4 – In the process of working on one or more (or even all) of your journal entries, what did you learn about:

a) art and cultural expression?

b) black studies and/or black history?

c) your community (however you define it)?

d) yourself at BC?

e) yourself in society?

5 – If you had time to do one of the prompts you were not able to take up this semester, which prompt would it be, and why?