Cleanroom in a Glovebox

To pursue our interest in developing novel heterostructures and low dimensional materials we developed a “Cleanroom in a Glovebox”. Inside the inert atmosphere on the right side, materials are exfoliated and transferred to form 2D atomic crystal heterostructures. In addition in the glove box on the right, we can perform various optical microscopy experiments and scanning probe measurements. Once ready, materials are transferred to the middlebox where we can spin coat, write patterns with a maskless lithography system, and ultimately lift-off. The very left-hand box includes a physical vapor deposition system where materials can be deposited, plasma etching/de-scumming via O2/Ar and substrates cleaned.

Vacuum Suitcase – Materials can be brought in or out of the glovebox in UHV. This allows combining with MBE, STM and low T transport/Raman without any capping layers.

Relevant Papers:

A Cleanroom in a Glovebox Review of Scientific Instruments 91, 073909 (2020)

Rapid, Multianalyte Detection of Opioid Metabolites in Wastewater ACS Nano 16, 3704 (2022)