New Audio Recording Equipment in the Digital Studio

Reserve the Faculty Preview Room now in order to use the new microphones for your audio projects or to make use of a quiet group meeting space.

New recording setup with multiple microphones and headphones in the Digital Studio’s Faculty Preview Room

The Digital Studio offers a variety of software and resources to students within O’Neill library. Whether making use of the multi-touch table, the various applications hosted on the the 25 Macs in the room, or the 38” HDMI screen that is great for group projects, the Digital Studio hopes to create a modern space for changing assignments using media. As part of adapting, the small conference room connected to the Digital Studio known as the Faculty Preview Room has been outfitted with six acoustic panels and a new recording area.

New microphone and headphone in the Digital Studio’s Faculty Preview Room

The new recording area is equipped with:

  • 2 Audio Technica 2005USB Microphones
  • 2 ATH-m20x Headphones that connect directly to the microphones
  • A Mac connected to the library’s wireless network
  • Recording Software: Audacity, an open source recording software for podcasting and GarageBand.

Even with the new recording equipment, the room will still be available for small meetings and bookable through the Digital Studio website. The new acoustic panels will help not only recording sessions, but also meetings in a room surrounded by tech staff and students trying to work quietly.

New acoustic panels in the Digital Studio’s Faculty Preview Room

The sound room, located next to the Tip O’Neill exhibit, is still the preferable location for recording alone or recording music. But the new additions to the FPR provide equipment and space sufficient for recording a group interview or conversation, and a high quality of audio production.

Please visit the booking page for the Faculty Preview Room for more details about technology specifications and compatibility.