Please check this online syllabus often. Any changes to assignments or due dates will be posted here. Depending on the circumstances, I may send an accompanying email announcing updates to the syllabus, but you should not rely on receiving.

By now, you’re used to be hearing folks tell you be flexible, but nevertheless, I’ll say it again. Be flexible. Under normal circumstances I’ve been known to tweak a bit as the course unfolds in order to better fit the needs of the particular class. This semester we have to additionally account for the facts that 1) at any point in the semester we have to move to a completely remote format; 2) at any point of the semester one or more of your classmates may need to zoom in to the class from their dorms or off campus residence due to be required to self-isolate/quarantine; 3) the professor may be required to self-isolate and thus will thus move the class to a hybrid format. I have designed the syllabus to fairly adaptable to a variety of virtual and in-person formats. However it’s impossible to plan for every outcome, and depending on how events unfold, I may need to make adjustments to the assignment requirements and/or due dates. Know that whatever changes I make will be in the service of accessibility, feasibility, and continuity. If I add a reading that seems more conducive to a remote discussion (i.e. a short story that accompanies a film), I will also cut another assignment in order to ensure there is no increase in the expected work load.

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What’s the Black Atlantic? & Who’s Paul Gilroy?

Read: “Preface,” The Black Atlantic

Read: “‘My Real Life Work Was Done at Atlanta’: Aldon Morris on W.E.B. Du Bois’ Career in Atlanta,” Barbara Harris Combs and Katherine Hankins. Atlanta Studies ATLS (May 25, 2017). Accessed 8.27.20.

Watch: “Childish Gambino – This is America (Official Video)” posted by Childish Gambino 3.5.18. Accessed 8.27.20. Childish Gambino.

First Day


Why Atlanta?


“Booker T. Washington Delivers the 1895 Atlanta Compromise Speech” History Matters, George Mason University. Accessed 8.27.20.

And:“The Forethought” and Chapters 1-6 of Du Bois W.E.B. The Souls of Black Folk [1903]. Project Gutenberg (January 2008). Accessed 9.6.20.

And Read: “Atlanta Race Riot of 1906” History & Archaeology, Progressive Era to WWII, 1900-1945, The New Georgia Encyclopedia. Original entry by Gregory Mixon, University of North Carolina, Charlotte, Clifford Kuhn, Georgia State University (09/23/2005 Last edited by NGE Staff on 03/11/2020 ) Accessed 8.27.20.

Watch: Gauva Island


Watch: Atlanta episodes 1 -5 (streams on Hulu)


Read: Gilroy Chapter 1


Read: Atlanta episodes 6 -10 (streams on Hulu)

Paul Gilroy Chapter 2

Post 1: A & B


Read: The Color Purple

Post 2: A


Watch: Documentary Remember: Monday Schedule


Read: The Color Purple

Post 2: B


Read: Leaving Atlanta

Post 3: A


Read: Leaving Atlanta

Post 3: B


Read: Sassafras, Cypress & Indigo

Post 4: A


Read: Sassafras, Cypress & Indigo

Post 4: B


Watch: Atlanta / Review Day


Presentation Day


Presentation Day


Study Days

Completed Journal + End of Semester Journal Assessment Sheet Due 12/13 (midnight)


Exam Week

Final Project AND/OR Project Reflection Essay (must submit at least one) Due 12/14

Final Project or Reflection Essay Due 12/16 (if both haven’t already been submitted).

Final Project Assessment Sheet Due 12/16.

Completed EXC EoS Questionnaire Form Due 12/17

Proof (ie. screen shot) of BC Course Evaluation submission for EXC Due 12/17