Required Readings

Required Texts

You are responsible for obtaining a copy of of all of the following:

1-  The Black Atlantic by Paul Gilroy

2- The Color Purple by Alice Walker

3- Sassafrass, Cypress, & Indigo by Ntozake Shange

4- Leaving Atlanta by Tayari Jones

5- Lyrics from the Underworld by Samuel Alfred Beadle*

6- Kindred by Octavia Butler*

Additional Readings

All other readings will either be circulated via email as a pdf or posted as a link on the class site (on the syllabus page). Please note:

  • If you have problems accessing the readings, let me know ASAP.
  • While I provide links for many of the readings/clips/etc. on the syllabus page, many of these readings are readily accessible (for free) on line. So if a link’s not working, be proactive. After you email me, try locating the material on your own. With the citation information (i.e. the title and author), you should be able to find the material in the BC catalog if not through a simple Google search.  This proactive course will inevitably be more expedient than waiting for my email response. 

*Note – 8/28/20 –

I’m still shaping up some aspects of the syllabus. At present, it’s possible that I may cut the last two texts (Beadle and Butler) in favor of short texts. If you want to hold off on purchasing the texts for now, you can.  The Beadle text is not as readily available as the Butler text, so you might consider purchasing at least the Beadle (if not also the Butler), so that you have the texts if you need them. Just keep any tags/labels and receipts so that you can return them if need be. I will make a decision within the first two weeks of class, so there’s plenty of time to return them to the bookstore.