Working Papers

Retired, Semi-retired Papers:

  • “Flexible Top Trading Cycles and Chains Mechanism: Maintaining Diversity in Erasmus Student Exchange,” (with Umut Dur and Onur Kesten) unpublished mimeo, (April 2015)
    [ Slides ] [ Abstract ] Draft available upon request
  • “Trading Cycles for School Choice” (with Marek Pycia) unpublished mimeo,
    [ July 2011: WP ]
  • “Valuing Prearranged Paired Kidney Exchanges: A Stochastic Game Approach” (with Murat Kurt, Mark S. Roberts, Andrew J. Schaefer) final status: Revise&Resubmit at Operations Research
    [ Oct. 2011: PDF ]
  • “Market Mechanisms for Fair Allocation of Indivisible Objects and Money” final status: Revise&Resubmit at Social Choice and Welfare
    [ March 2007: PDF ]
  • “Transplant Center Incentives in Kidney Exchange,” (with Alvin E. Roth and Tayfun Sönmez) unpublished mimeo,
    [ March 2005: PDF ]