Custom Applications

Jesuit Portal

The Portal to Jesuit Studies consolidates various internal and external Jesuit Library searches into a single search stream. The Portal is one of six Digital Initiatives by the Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies (IAJS).

Applied Technologies

  • APIs and custom WordPress Plugin to integrate eight different data sources for keyword searches. 
  • Intuitive design patterns for smooth user flow from base search results to advanced filtering capability in the respective source databases
  • Lean system architecture to minimize extraneous library dependencies
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Ricci Library

The Library is the heart of the Ricci Institute and the online catalog is its primary search portal. Both Western language sources and materials in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean are cataloged. Following technologies are utilized in the application:

Applied Technologies

  • Search technologies including AJAX, Javascript libraries for tabs and accordion components
  • Multilingual voice search powered by Google Voice API that understands English, Japanese, Korean, and 4 dialects of Chinese regions
  • Touchscreen kiosk on prem that offers touchscreen and voice based search for accessibility
  • Full administrative functionality that contains catalog management as well as a mini Web Content Management System
  • Dashboard with built in business intelligence for optimal system performance and maintenance
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Luther German Writing

The Index Verborum is a reference guide that accesses over 323 German writings of Martin Luther, from the critical historical period of 1516 through 1525. The record includes over half a million rows writing records to be searched with dynamic AJAX functions and various views. Following technologies are utilized in the application:

Applied Technologies

  • Search technologies including AJAX, Javascript libraries like accordion components
  • German character set support for the back-end database and frontend application
Index Verborum website

e-learning with LearnDash

Design & Innovation

A Makerspace consists of The Hatchery, The Academic Prototyping Studio, and The Rapid Prototyping Shop where people can come together to work on projects and solutions across any academic discipline.

The self-paced orientation is a required safety training module consisting of interactive multimedia and quizzes using a drip-learning framework assembled by student creatives at the Makerspace, CDIL Designers and ITS.

Applied Technologies

  • WordPress hosting
  • Focused course built with LearnDash Module
  • SSO integration for course registration
  • QReserve integration for training and equipment booking
Design and Innovation website

Formación Continua Online

The multilingual website provides courses in six different language (English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, and German) to explore “journeying together” in the Roman Catholic Faith.

The successful collaboration between School of Theology and Ministry, CDIL and ITS developed self-paced online learning courses.

Applied Technologies

  • WordPress hosting
  • Multilingual module
  • Courses built using LearnDash
Formacion Online

Solutions available to you


We partner with Center for Digital Innovation in Learning (CDIL) for the best e-learning solution with secure access and integration based on your requirements.

  • Canvas Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Canvas Catalog
  • LearnDash WordPress LMS

Experience & Design

We share your goals to provide a functional and accessible UX that is memorable across all devices.

  • Application Interface Design
  • User Experience
  • Branding & Identity Guidance
  • Design Systems
  • Web Accessibility Compliance


Our team can develop custom data-driven applications with complex business logic and admin functions.

  • Custom WordPress Plugin
  • Dynamic Search Using AJAX, Zoom Search
  • API Data source & Integration
  • Custom Data-driven Application

WordPress Hosting

Migration of WordPress sites makes rapid deployment easier.

  • Nightly backups
  • Dev, Test, and Production Environments
  • Training and Onboarding
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Google Analytics

Design & Development Questions?

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