In the event of a resurgence of Covid, or a similar health emergency, we may require schools and parents/guardians to accept modifications to our procedures.


The SpedEx Consultant shall not communicate with or work with the parent, student, school district, advocate, or other parties involved in a case for one full year from the time the SpedEx process is completed, with the exception that the Consultant and any party may participate in a different SpedEx case about a different student with any of the parties during that time. 

In the event the Consultant and any party on a pending SpedEx case worked together within the last year, they shall notify the other parties of this before finalizing selection of a Consultant.  This notification requirement applies whether the Consultant worked with a party on a separate matter or a SpedEx case in that year.

Effective 9/12/14  The above policy began during the 2014-2015 school year. It is enforced until further notice.  We are interested to hear from you about its effectiveness.


DESE has solicited and selected an administrator of the SpedEx Consultation Program, Dr. David Scanlon, Associate Professor of Special Education at Boston College. Professor Scanlon maintains schedules, contracts with the SpedEx Consultants, conducts satisfaction surveys, and develops data to assess the efficacy of the pilot project. Dr. Scanlon reserves the right to reject applications that are not consistent with the pilot objectives.

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