Participate in Infant Lab

Our Studies

For parents of infants and children

We are currently looking for 4-24 month old infants and 2-15 year old children to participate in our studies. In our lab, we are interested in the development of numerical abilities throughout the lifespan. Young infants are surprisingly good at tracking number and other quantities (ie, time and physical size) long before they learn how to speak. We study how these abilities change throughout infancy and childhood and their relationship to later understandings of formal mathematical concepts, such as fractions. In order to do so, we need your help!

Participation involves a short (approximately 30 min) visit to our lab here on the Boston College campus, where we provide free and convenient parking. Our infant studies are based on a simple premise: when babies notice a change (e.g., when the number of items in a display changes from 5 to 10), then they look longer at it. Your baby is shown pictures on a computer screen and we measure how long your baby looks at the displays. It’s that easy! Older infants and children play fun number games either on a touchscreen computer or with a research assistant. Children generally have a great time! You will be with your child at all times and he/she will receive a small gift for participating.

If you would like to participate in one of our studies or be added into our database for future studies you can call us at 617-552–8652 or email us at

For undergraduates interested in participating in our studies

Earn Course Credit or Get Paid to Count! We are currently recruiting Boston College undergraduates and other adults to participate in studies in our lab to help us understand more about how we keep track of quantity. The study only takes 30-60 minutes and takes place in our lab at 346 McGuinn Hall. Participation involves playing a computer game where we will learn more about what you think about number and other quantities. All records are kept confidential and you can choose to withdraw from the study at any time. Adults can participate for course credit or for pay ($10/hour).

For those wishing to volunteer

The Infant and Child Cognition lab recruits volunteers from the undergraduate community at Boston College to become research assistants in our lab. Volunteers will be fully immersed in the lab and will gain valuable research experience by performing a variety of duties both in developing projects and implementing them. Please contact our lab manager at for more information and to inquire about openings.