October 2020 Check out Chet, Nancy and Conner’s new ChemComm paper on Iron-catalysed enantioconvergent Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling to afford enantioenriched 1,1-diarylalkanes!

September 2020 Congratulations to Chet for winning the La Mattina fellowship for Chemical Synthesis and Eric for receiving graduate research fellowship for rising third year graduate students!

August 2020 Our recent work is highlighted by BC now! The multi-catalyst system developed in this work helps to covert greenhouse gas carbon dioxide into methanol!

July 2020 Congratulations to Connor and Eric on passing their oral exams!

June 2020 Check out our our latest efforts in the area of cross coupling catalysis catalyzed by iron-based complexes!

May 2020 Congratulations to Dr. Miao Qi!

May 2020 Congratulations to Dr. Michael P. Crockett!

May 2020 Jason, Enric, Justin, and Nancy Graduated from BC!

May 2020 Check out Tom and Enric’s new Chem paper describing how the tandem catalytic conversion of CO2 to MeOH benefits from encapsulating catalysts in MOFs!

May 2020 Adam graduated from BC!

April 2020 2020 Boston College Chemistry Department Student Awards

April 2020 Congratulations to Dr. Thomas M. Rayder!

February 2020 Check out Michael and Alex’s new Angewandte paper on rational design of iron catalysts for suzuki cross-coupling reactions!

January 2020 Banruo, Kexing and Marcin join the group!

November 2019 Check out Michael’s new paper showing a new tool to characterize paramagnetic complexes!

August 2019 The Byers Group Goes Camping!!!

August 24th – 29th 2019 The Byers Group Presents at ACS San Deigo!!

July 2019 Paper 2 Plastic 2019 Kicks Off!

May 2019 2019 Boston College Chemistry Department Student Awards

June 2019 Dr. Jeff Kehl defends his thesis!

March 31st – April 4th 2019 Jeff Presents at ACS Orlando!

Feburary 2019 Congratulations to Dr. Zhehui Lee!