ScratchJr Games Curricula

Playground Games This goal of this curriculum is to familiarize students with the ScratchJr programming language. The curriculum consists of eight sessions of 45 minutes each. For each session, the teacher will show the students certain features of ScratchJr and then the students will create a specific playground game (such as tag) using those features. This curriculum is for all skill levels of K-2 children.

ScratchJr Scavenger Hunt Guide – The ScratchJr Scavenger Hunt is an activity that encourages children to include off-screen elements in the games they program. It’s just like a regular scavenger hunt, but it is designed in a way that includes the ScratchJr app. To play, each participating child programs a game or challenge to be completed. When the challenge on an iPad is solved a clue is given that brings the players closer to the treasure. This activity can be done with two or more people, and either one or many iPads. Students interact with other students, their physical environment and the ScratchJr app in an engaging and challenging way!