Law School Canvas Template Announcement

A lot of you have been asking about the possibility of using one of the Law School design templates for your Canvas site. I’m happy to announce that this semester we will begin to roll out the new design template on all Law School sites. Over the next few weeks, you’ll notice a refreshed home page redesign. 

What exactly does this template entail?

The template makes use of a dedicated home page that includes a nicely designed banner image with a few placeholders for basic course information. If you already have content on your home page we will make sure that content gets added to the home page. You won’t lose any of the work that you’ve already put into your course. Below you can find an example of what your home page will look like.

What if I’ve already added content to my Canvas site?

Don’t worry, we will handle updating your course home page to include the banner image. It will not affect anything you’ve already added to your site.  If you use the “Syllabus” page as your home page we can add the design to that instead. You won’t notice a difference in the functionality of your course.

How does this change how I edit my site?

In general, this won’t affect how you edit your site. You can edit the text on your home page just like you normally would. In the near future, I will share documentation about how to use some of the more advanced features of the template like course modules or instructor information sections. You can learn how to add and edit additional components in the provided instructions as well.

What if I already have a templated home page design?

You’re all set! We will leave the current design in place.

What if I don’t want this design?

No worries! You can opt-out here.

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