Blog 3

I am already missing my time in Copenhagen. The last week was filled with more unforgettable memories although it was exam week. Being in the states for a while now has allowed me to reflect on these memories. 

For our last field trip we went to an apartment complex called 8-talia which embodies a healthy lifestyle and positive mental health by having an open layout, minimal car noise, and being surrounded by tons of green space for people to workout or even take walks. This complex felt like we were in a post-apocalyptic movie as everything was so clean, amiable, and quiet. 

We noticed that people even left their baby in their carriages outside without any hesitation, which is not uncommon to see in Denmark. Because of their high sense of trust in the city, this act is not a cause for concern and parents do this so that their babies get better sleep while exposed to the fresh air. There were also rooftop gardens on top of the building to promote sustainability as these gardens help with ventilation, air quality, and are a natural protection against extreme heat. I definitely had thoughts of wanting to move to this apartment complex when I am older and live a peaceful life in Copenhagen.

After the final our professor took us out for dinner at this nice farm to table restaurant that specializes in Nordic cuisine. This was our last day in Copenhagen as a class and very bittersweet. Going out to dinner with your professor when class and grades are out of the picture is so nice because we got to know them on a more personal level. It was nice to hear about her educational and professional journeys as you get to see a side of your professor that you do not usually see in a regular class setting.

I owe a lot of the enjoyment of my time to my amazing professors. Professor Hawkins and Professor Edmonds are such empowering women and both showed me the impact public health has on the world and society. In the United States we tend to be close-minded and only think about what policies affect us as individuals. This class really showed me how other countries are able to think about their population as a whole and make decisions keeping in mind the variability of every individual’s lifestyle. This mindset allows them to have free healthcare for all citizens and free education. The country encourages everyone to get an education and financially supports them as they understand the power of a good education. 

As you have heard in the other blogs, my classmates and I became really close with one another. We all decided to go on one more boat ride through the canals, listening to music and reminiscing about our time in Copenhagen. Our last night there we walked to some of our favorite night out locations where we sang and danced with the locals. The whole time I was thinking how surreal of a life I was living. At first I was super anxious to go abroad with 10 other strangers, but we all became part of each other’s lives as we helped one another navigate through a foreign country. It was nice to extend my circle of friends as now we are all excited to see one another back at BC. 

A big thing I am going to miss about Denmark is the metro system. As you can see with the picture provided, I was a big metro fan because of how easy and clean it was. I will miss having a non-sedentary lifestyle, walking everywhere to get to places. Where I live in California, it is over one-hundred degrees and dreadful to just step outside. Lucky for me, right when I get to BC I will hopefully resume my walking lifestyle. The T is not as efficient as the metro, but maybe it will do for the time being.

I was sad to be leaving Copenhagen but also excited for some home cooking and familiarity. I did electrocute myself one last time, but I do blame it on my cheap international converter; nevertheless I do not miss the fear of unplugging my cords. As I layed down on my childhood bed I scrolled through my photos and could not believe how amazing my abroad experience was. I encourage everyone to experience abroad if you can because it really opened my eyes to how the rest of the world lives. In America we are stuck in a bubble, which is both a good and bad thing. Getting out of this bubble helped me become a well rounded person and encouraged my individuality.   Instead of struggling to wake up for my 9 am class like I do at BC, I naturally would wake up early to grab a pastry and coffee across the street and catch the metro to my class. The European lifestyle definitely promotes a healthy work-life balance. We are so caught up in the rat race of college in the US it was nice to see that it is possible to have a life and manage school in a healthy manner. I have already started thinking about the idea of getting a Master’s abroad and am excited about the possibilities of that. Until then, I will continue to reminisce about this unforgettable summer in Copenhagen!