I am the Lab Manager for the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Boston College.
I am a Sedimentologist who studies ancient clastic sedimentary rocks
to understand how they formed, in marine and terrestrial settings.

Associate Editor: The Mountain Geologist (The Mountain Geologist is the quarterly peer-reviewed journal

published by the Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists (RMAG)).

My doctoral dissertation was: “Sedimentology and Petrology of the Brushy Basin Member, Morrison Formation (Late Jurassic), Western Colorado,” John F. Hubert, Adviser, UMass Amherst, 2003.
My Master’s Thesis was: “Differentiation between Olean and Kent Tills, Upper Cattaraugus Creek Basin, Cattaraugus County, New York, by Matrix Analysis” Robert G. LaFleur, Advisor, RPI, 1981.

Current Areas of Study:

Pennsylvanian deposits of the Pondville Formation and Wamsutta Formation, Norfolk Basin, eastern Massachusetts, with Richard H. Bailey.

Sedimentary Petrology of the Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation, western Colorado, with Mike Robbins.

“Galli’s Alley!” named for this piece of an Apatosaurus femur that Ken discovered
“Galli’s Alley!” named for this piece of an Apatosaurus femur that Ken discovered
in a channel sandstone of the Brushy Basin Member, Morrison Formation, in Echo Canyon locality, south of Grand Junction, Colorado. Ken’s original Geologist’s Pick for scale.

Ken’s “field trips” started when he was very young and his father and mother and two brothers and he would go on annual picnics and events in the woods and go fishing and learn about the outdoors.

Ken Galli gave his first geologic lecture in 3rd grade! He requested his teacher, Miss Reardon, to bring back some rocks and minerals from her trip to Phoenix Arizona. Upon her return to class she asked Ken to come up and handed him an assortment of rocks and said: Now, class, Ken will tell us all about these rocks!

Ken received his first Geologic Pick under the Christmas Tree from Santa Claus when he was in the Third Grade! He still has that pick!

Gasson hall with lamp
Gasson in the Evening

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