Parishes and Organizations: LGBTQ Ministry within the Church and Theories of Ministry

Parishes with LGBTQ groups vary in their approach and application of ministry. While some communities rely heavily on a support structure, others model a method of integration that combines elements of faith sharing, social outings, and educational conversations. Some also extend into an advocacy framework and challenge discrimination in the Church and society. Despite differences in structure, an essential commonality for LGBTQ parish ministries is recognition. Ministry to LGBTQ persons flourishes in parishes with supportive pastors and parishioners as opposed to ministry in less supportive environments. The recognition of LGBTQ people, their gifts, and experiences by pastors and parish staff encourages collaboration and community building, leading to a parish where all feel a true sense of belonging.

This display highlights a few parishes and provides further insight into parish ministry. Click for more details on the successes of each of these groups.

Church of St. Francis Xavier, NY

Gay Catholics & Catholic Lesbians

Church of St. Paul the Apostle, NY

Out at St. Paul’s

There are welcoming and affirming parishes for LGBTQ Catholics in all regions of the United States.

These are just a few of the many queer-affirming Catholic parishes in the United States. While several organizations maintain curated lists of welcoming spiritual spaces for LGBTQ Catholics, this crowd-sourced list of affirming parishes on the website of New Ways Ministry has become a staple for those looking for a place of belonging.

There are certainly more parishes taking up this cause than listed, and new efforts are taking root each year led by concerned parishioners and staff. What’s most important to note is that there are welcoming and affirming parishes for LGBTQ Catholics in all regions of the United States.