A Welcome to the Exhibition from Boston College University Librarian Tom Wall

The materials seen here represent the digital component of the physical exhibition Here all Along, Here to Stay: LGBTQ Catholics in the United States, presented by the Boston College School of Theology and Ministry and Boston College Libraries.

While antagonism between the Church and the LGBTQ community is often taken as an historical presupposition, a close look at the modern gay rights movement shows a different story. This display offers the chance to ponder a journey still on-going, and rooted in over 75 years of courageous pastors, inclusive parishes, and persistent queer Catholics.

This online expression conveys most of the physical exhibit, but also supplements and develops elements contained there. Those who have visited in-person can find valuable information here, especially in our digital timeline media and the resource links.

To learn more about the formation of this project and to hear the podcast overview we’ve recorded for you, head to our exhibition development page.