ScratchJr Integrated Curricula

ScratchJr. Art Curriculum  – This three lesson curriculum allows students to explore self-expression and creativity through self-portraits. Two lessons involve creating offscreen art projects that incorporate student’s work in ScratchJr. This is a beginner to intermediate ScratchJr activity – students should know how to add a character and change the background. The lessons will culminate in students creating frames from recycled materials that will frame their tablets to show off their self-portraits.

Animated Genres Curricula This curriculum introduces powerful ideas from engineering and computer science that are not usually highlighted in early childhood education. The term “powerful idea” refers to a concept that children can learn through a curriculum that will serve them beyond the lifetime of a specific classroom technology. Throughout this ScratchJr curriculum, both activities and lessons will seek to illustrate these powerful ideas. The curriculum will be divided into three modules based on three interactive genres of ScratchJr-based projects. These genres are collage, story, and game. This curriculum is for all skill levels of K-2 children.

Reinforcing Math and Literacy In this three lesson curriculum, children engage foundational literacy and math awareness concepts while using ScratchJr. In the first lesson and second lesson, children practice recognizing and naming upper and lowercase letters with ScratchJr. In the third lesson, children practice counting and cardinality with ScratchJr. This is an intermediate level curriculum, recommended for first grade.