Six C’s of PTD in Practice

When engaging children in a computer science learning experience, we welcome play. Through play we can impact all areas of human development: cognitive, socio-emotional, language, moral, physical and even spiritual. The coding playground, in contrast with the coding playpen, promotes opportunities for open-ended exploration, creation of personally meaningful projects, imagination, problem solving, conflict resolution and collaboration. The coding playground engages children in six behaviors that we can also find in the regular playground: content creation, creativity, choices of conduct, communication, collaboration and community building. These behaviors can emerge in many different ways within the classroom. To showcase this variety, DevTech has put together a library of video examples for each behavior.

Graphic of a light bulb with a brain in it surrounded by a musical note, a play button, and a picture with the words content creation under it.
Graphic of a yellow side profile of a head with a light bulb on it with the word creativity under it.
Blue graphic of two people having a conversation with the word communication under it.
Green graphic of people holding hands in a circle with words community building under it.