Spring 2024 Canvas Workshop

Canvas Workshop Resources This session covers intermediate to advanced aspects of student assignments, including file uploads, media assignments, weighted assignments, and anonymous grading. Learn the nuances of creating and managing groups, enhancing group communication, and organizing your course effectively for maximum student engagement. Workshop Recording: https://bc.hosted.panopto.com/Panopto/Pages/Viewer.aspx?id=845ba59d-15e8-4723-8456-b0f4012048ab…Continue Reading Spring 2024 Canvas Workshop

Spring 2024 Virtual Whiteboards

Virtual Whiteboard Workshop Resources Workshop Description: All of the primary lecture classrooms at the Law School provide you with a means to annotate directly in a virtual whiteboard environment. In this workshop, you will discover the range of both software and hardware tech tools available to you, learn how to engage students beyond the traditional…Continue Reading Spring 2024 Virtual Whiteboards

September 2023 Ed Tech Newsletter

Ed Tech Newsletter September 2023 Hi All, I hope everyone’s semester had a smooth start. As we settle into the new academic year, I have a few reminders and updates that I hope you find useful. Name Coach This is just a reminder that you can find your student roster with NameCoach information on your…Continue Reading September 2023 Ed Tech Newsletter