Ed Tech Newsletter September 2023

Hi All,

I hope everyone’s semester had a smooth start. As we settle into the new academic year, I have a few reminders and updates that I hope you find useful.

Name Coach

This is just a reminder that you can find your student roster with NameCoach information on your Canvas site. For those of you who don't know, NameCoach is a service provided to help you learn how to properly pronounce your students' names.

There is a module in each of your Canvas sites that provides a list of student names, phonetic spelling, recording of their name, and preferred pronouns. You can view these instructions in case you need help finding the NameCoach module. If your NameCoach module does not appear at the top of your Canvas modules page please be sure to check the bottom of the page.

Panopto Lecture Capture Requests

This is a friendly reminder that if you change rooms and have previously scheduled lecture captures, please let me know so I can update the recording schedule in Panopto.

Recording Studio

Don’t forget that you can use the Law Library recording studio to create engaging, high-quality content for lecture capture, and informational sessions, attend virtual interview spots, create audio/visual learning materials, and more. Use this form to book time in the studio today!

AI Demo For Faculty

I presented a brief presentation detailing some of the latest research as well as demoing some eye-opening examples of using AI at the last faculty meeting. I made a quick recording of my presentation with some added nuance in case you missed it. I’ve also made the slides available in case you’d like to review them.

AI Resources

In light of the presentation given at the faculty workshop, I’d like to offer a few AI resources to help you get started familiarizing yourself with these tools. There will be a lot of training, workshops, and learning materials to come on this topic, so stay tuned for future updates. Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t feel like you have to get caught up on everything all at once. As always, if you have questions or would like a personal consultation on how to use any of these tools, you can always reach out to me to schedule an appointment.

🟢 Start Here

Whether you have experience with AI tools or haven’t started the learning process yet, I would start with this 5 part AI series from the Wharton Business School. It focuses on using AI in an educational context and is a terrific place to begin.

📚 Further Education

Now with the basics covered, you can dive deeper into the AI landscape. I have offered several workshops and have provided them in the order in which you should review them below.

📜 Interesting Research & Workshop Resources

I mentioned several resources, including research papers, workshops, and YouTube videos, in my faculty workshop. You can find them all below in case you’d like to review any of the resources in more detail.

Research Papers

Workshops on Legal AI

💡 Latest trends, technologies, and updates

Google Bard Updates

Hot off the press! Google just released an updated version of their AI chat tool, Bard. In addition to improvements to creativity, accuracy, and overall response quality, Bard now integrates more closely with your personal Google account. Here’s a quick rundown of the main updates.

  • You can read and summarize documents including PDFs in your Google Drive account.
  • You can export chats directly to Drive, Gmail, or share a link directly to the conversation in Bard.
  • There are improvements to Bard’s internet access.
  • There are also specialized extensions for flights, maps, and hotels.
  • With access to the internet, you have the ability to evaluate Bard’s statements for accuracy as well as follow up with a quick Google search.

Dalle-3 Coming Soon

OpenAI has also just announced that they will be releasing an update to their image generation tool, Dalle-2. You can read more about their announcement and view samples on their webpage. In short, Dalle-3 looks like a promising update with the following capabilities.

  • More accurate depictions of text in image generations
  • Greater ability to understand and adhere to complex prompts
  • More coherent image generation i.e. less artifacts and less disruptions in the image
  • Now integrated with the paid version of ChatGPT

🍿 AI for Entertainment

Just for fun, I asked Bard to come up with a poem about AI and legal education. After mixing and matching the responses given and adding a line or two of my own, here is the final result.

Zero shot, one shot, two shot, few shot. AI jargon, it's a lot..

From casebooks to contracts, it's all the rage, AI is changing the legal stage.

Zero shot learning, it's so cool, No training data needed, yet it can rule.

One shot learning, it's pretty neat, Just one example, and it's off its feet.

Two shot learning, it's even better, Two examples, and it's a legal letter.

Few shot learning, it's the best, A few examples, and it's passed the test.

But what does it all mean, you ask? Let me give you a quick task.

Imagine a law student, sitting in class, Trying to learn about contracts, fast.

With AI, they can ask a question, And get an answer, maybe the best one.

Or they can practice drafting a contract, And get feedback from AI, that’s a fact.

AI can also help law students prepare for exams, By generating questions and practice jams.

But what about you, don’t feel left out yet.

With simple prompt engineering you can become an AI expert, you bet!

So let's use AI to create a legal system fair, where everyone has access to the justice they bear.