Who We Are

We are a dedicated research team of passionate, curious scientists. We have a special appreciation for the way children learn about the world, which inspires our research. We compare the learning of children and non-human animals so we can better identify what makes early human development so unique. 

Who we are

What We Do

We use games and puzzles to understand how your child learns new information. The puzzles we do are simple, but by studying the way children interact with them, on a large scale, we can evaluate patterns in human learning as a whole. By comparing these learning patterns to those of other species, we can understand how evolution might have impacted the development of these behaviors. 

Comparative Psychology? 

We think that something special happened during human evolution to make us as complex as we are today. How do we actually measure that? At the BC Social Learning Lab, we’re on the cutting edge of research by using a comparative approach to psychology. Comparative psychology involves directly comparing the performance of humans to those of animals to better identify what makes us unique.