Who We Are

The Boston College Canine Cognition Center is a woman-led, community-centered research environment. We contribute to the understanding of human cognitive evolution by investigating the behavior of modern canid species. We believe the best research is creative, inclusive, and collaborative; this is the foundation of our approach. 

Get Involved!

Our community is at the center of our mission! We value you — our participants — most of all. Join our community, contribute to innovative research, and bring your fluffy friend for the ride! Sign up to be a BCCC team member and contribute to citizen science. 


Why Dogs? 

Dogs, a subspecies of modern wolves, have coexisted with humans for thousands of years. Research indicates that something very special occurred to integrate dogs into human society — domestication. As a lab, we investigate domestication’s impact on canids’ evolutionary history. This helps us improve our understanding of humans. Why? Because humans might have been domesticated too. 

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