Final Project

Final Project

Reflecting on your experience of Black Study in the last several years as a college student, identify a particularly meaningful aspect of your Black Study experience that you hope to take with you after you leave BC.

Develop a project that in its form and its content will enable you carry this aspect of your Black Study experience with you.

Project Check-Ins

  • Pre-Proposal Paragraphs
  • Project Proposal
  • Project Show & Tell
  • Project Check in 2 (optional)
  • Project End-of-Semester Share

Reflection Essay (3-5 pages double spaced Times New Roman 1″ margins)

  • A description of the piece: The description should detail “what” you intended your piece to be (e.g. what category, genre, medium, etc.) and what you intended your piece to do (e.g. immerses audience in sensory overload; transports audience to a specific place and time; brings a particular character or moment between characters to life; realizes an invention, recipe, etc. mentioned in the text, and so on.)?
  • A discussion of the piece’s connection to Black Study: Your discussion should indicate the ways in which your piece operates within and/or in relation to one or more significant theme and/or line of inquiry of Black Studies. This discussion should also include details about how your piece in form and/or in content draws upon; responds to; and/or otherwise engages at least two texts from the course syllabus.
  • A discussion of your formal choices: This discussion of the various formal choices you made in creating your piece should 1) identify each of the formal choices you made and 2) explain how each choice supports what you wanted your piece to foreground about the text and how.
  • A reflection: Your essay should spend some time reflecting on both the “final” product and your overall effort. In regards to the former, you should reflect on the strengths and limits of the version of the piece you actually created. This reflection might include an assessment about about the degree to which the piece is and does what you intended to be; the degree to which the piece might be more and/or do more than you intended it to do. In terms of the latter, you should spend time reflecting on the amount, type, and quality of the effort you put into this project over the course of the semester. You might identify things you did that you feel particularly proud of as well as things you might do differently if we were to start the semester over again.

Self Assessment Sheet (Cancelled)

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