Because class participation significantly effect the amount and quality of learning not only for the individual student but for the class as a whole, attendance remains immensely important, even with the ongoing complications of the pandemic. In accordance with BC guidelines for in person instruction, attendance (roll call) will be taken and logged for each class. Your attendance score (see rubrics below) is a fifty percent of your overall participation grade.

To be reasonably considered an active member of this class, students need to attend at least 75 percent of the classes. Exceptions to this rule will be considered on a case by case basis for students who though not able to attend 75% of the courses have attended at least half of the classes and submitted all other required assignments.

What counts as attendance?

Due to the high probability that at some point in the semester individual class members and/or the entire class will need to participate remotely, for the purpose of this semester, “attendance” will include any of the following:

1 – Physical Attendance to an In-Person Class:

  • This class is listed as an in-person course. The default expectation is that students will be physically present on campus at the time and space designated for this course.

2- Virtual Attendance to an In-Person Class

  • Live-stream video call from student(s)’ on-campus or off-campus residence and/or required space of self-isolation or quarantine. Students participating virtually in the In-Person class should be prepared to participate in real time as fully as possible. In order for virtual attendance to an in-person class to count towards students’ attendance grade, students must provide documentation that they were prevented from being physically present for the in-person class session because they or a dependent, for whom they are the primary caregiver, have been directed to quarantine or self isolate. (Examples of such documentation include: a screen shot of the stay-at-home directive issued in response to your particular daily assessment questions).

3- In Person Attendance to a Virtually-Facilitated In- Person Class

  • If for any reason the instructor is required to quarantine or self isolate and/or is denied campus clearance, the class will be live streamed to the assigned BC classroom where students will convene as the instructor conducts the class remotely.

4- Virtual Attendance to a Fully Virtual Class

  • If BC shifts to remote classes only or if by some other unexpected course of events the professor must facilitate the class virtually for more than two consecutive weeks, the entire class will shift to a virtual format (with live stream classrooms and our blog site).