Professor Joe Nugent is a professor in the English Department and the Irish Studies Department at Boston College. He has been teaching there for over five years providing students with the opportunity to learn about Irish literature and be more fully engaged in their education.

Joseph Nugent was born in Mullingar, Ireland before coming to the United States where he was an undergraduate student at the University of California Berkeley. While there he spent a semester studying abroad in Copenhagen at the University of Copenhagen. He stayed at University of California Berkeley for his graduate studies and for his doctoral candidacy. Joe Nugent was awarded his Ph.D in May 2005 for his dissertation Producing Priestliness.

Joseph Nugent first came to Boston College in 2004 as a visiting professor before becoming an assistant professor in 2005 and eventually an associate professor in 2009. During his time at Boston College Professor Nugent has taught a variety of classes for undergraduate and undergraduate students. His classes include James Joyce’s UlyssesIntro to Modern IrishTravel Tales of Empire, Introduction to Digital Humanities, and Irish Modernism; In the Shadow of Joyce. These classes offer students an introduction to Irish Culture, James Joyce, modernist writing, and the digital humanities.

The most important aspect of the classes taught by Joseph Nugent is that they allow the students to have a hands-on experience with their education and helps them to think beyond the classroom. He has taught several summer courses abroad in Ireland allowing students to have a more sensory and comprehensive understanding of the material that they were studying and other classes have led to the creation of large projects. Two of these projects are featured more in-depth on other pages of this website: the tourist app JoyceWays and the iBook Digital Dubliners.

Joseph Nugent has also been a part of over thirteen publications in both hard copies and electronic copies. He has also been a guest lecturer at several prominent institutions including Villanova in 2014 for “Technologia, Joyceana,” at Dubliners Research Conference, at University College Dublin in 2014 for  “The Joycean Future” in 2014, and at the American Conference of Irish Studies Annual Conference in Chicago in 2013 for “The Poetry of a Scientific Age: Inside the Joycean Machine.”

Professor Joe Nugent

Boston College