Jean Bartunek

Robert A. and Evelyn J. Ferris Chair/ Professor

Carroll School of Management, Boston College

About Me:

I am a member of the Society of the Sacred Heart ( 

I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio (

On the Myers-Briggs test I am an INFJ (  

On the Ennegram ( I am a six. 

Now you know everything important about me.

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Social Scientist Routledge Focus
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Social Scientists Confronting Global Crises

Social scientists develop knowledge that is directly pertinent to global challenges and crises and need to be included in initiatives taken to address them. This book is a step towards such presentation and involvement.

Global crises are crucially intertwined with our relationships, groups, organizations, communities, institutions, how they collaborate with each other, how they compete with each other, and the dynamics intermingled with these. These dimensions are inadequately addressed by scientists and insufficiently recognized by other stakeholders. With contributions from a global array of respected social scientists, this shortform book contributes to deep understandings of social phenomena associated with global crises. In illuminating interventions via those dealing with challenges and crises first-hand, the book also shows the ongoing personal development required to address global crises in productive ways.

This book will be of interest to social scientists, researchers, academics, organizational consultants and students in the fields of management, especially those focusing on global challenges and crises. It will also be a useful resource for practitioners and policy makers.