Blog Post Guidelines

Here are a few guidelines to make the writing and editing processes as smooth as possible for everyone.


  • Fall Submission Deadline: August 15, 2022
  • Spring Submission Deadline: November 15, 2022

Helpful Resources



  • All content must have some connection to a historical subject. That said, approaches and focuses can vary:
    • Source analysis: pick a source you think is awesome and analyze it from your unique perspective.
    • Preliminary research discovery: found something related to your research that you want to share?
    • Concept exploration: is there a concept that you think is worth writing a thought piece about?
    • Commentary on an archive: is there something particular about a specific archive that you want to share?
    • Research updates: where are you in the research and writing process and what discoveries have you made along the way?
    • Advice for your peers: do you have sage wisdom for your peers?
    • Please feel free to suggest other topics to the editors who will decide if it fits the scope of the blog. 


  • Ensure the text is is between 1000-1500 words.
  • Include a works cited/recommended reading.
  • Images are welcome but must be free to use/ used correctly under current, U.S. (or other relevant) copyright laws.
  • Style should follow Chicago, 17th edition.

Before You Submit


  • Read for grammar and flow. 
  • Read for clarity. Be aware that the current style for English language scholarship privileges shorter, clear sentences with minimal jargon. 
  • Check your facts. Make sure to verify your dates, the names, and other information you include. 
  • Verify your right to use images, data, or other material you did not create. If you have questions, contact Bee or write the BC Libraries’ Scholarly Communications Librarian.


  • Contributing writers are encouraged to seek advice and approval from their advisors before submitting their blog posts.