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The MBTA is Boston’s public transportation system. It runs several different local rails, commuter rails, and buses around the Boston Metro.

  • Most of Boston’s stations should have kiosks where you can buy the local MBTA card
  • Each train ride is $2.40, and bus ride is $1.70

Boston College is located at the end of the Green Line (B) or Green Line (D)

one-week parking permit

The best option would be to buy a 1-week summer permit for $98 (includes overnight parking). It would allow one to park in the Mod lot and Connell lot (NOT in the garages). You can use this online form to reserve one (NOTE: Remember to put down “CFMIP Conference” as “Reason for needing permit”), and pick it up at Lyons on 6/3. Payment is by check or money order made out to Boston College.

More instructions on parking from BC: “If you arrive on Sunday, please take a ticket and park inside the Commonwealth Avenue garage between levels 2-5. On Monday, you will need to take your garage ticket to Student Services to have it validated – this will allow you to exit the garage for free when you scan it at the exit. During your visit to Student Services, you can also pick up your permit which will begin working the next time they enter the garage.”

See these links for information on driving directions.

Getting to Boston

There are two major ways to get to Boston:

  • Flying into Boston via Boston Logan International Airport
  • Taking the Amtrak (Northeast Corridor, Lakeshore Limited) into South Station
Transportation from Airport

MBTA (Public Transportation)

  1. Take a free Logan Airport shuttle bus to the MBTA Blue Line Airport station.
  2. Purchase a Charlie Card or Charlie Ticket.
  3. Take the Blue Line inbound train to Government Center.
  4. Take the Green Line (B) from Government Center to Boston College (Important Note: ensure that the train is going west towards Boston College)

From the airport terminal, follow the signs to Ground Transportation where you can take a taxi to campus.


Rideshare apps such as Uber and Lyft offer service from Logan Airport. After requesting your ride, follow the App Ride signs to Central Parking.

Transportation from Amtrak

MBTA (Public Transportation)

  1. Purchase a Charlie Card or Charlie Ticket from the South Station concourse.
  2. Take the Red Line from South Station to Park Street.
  3. Take the Green Line (B) from Park Street to Boston College (Important Note: ensure that the train is going west towards Boston College)

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