• Attendance – In accordance with the Boston College attendance policy, each student is allowed up to two unexcused absences. More than two unexcused absences will effect your participation grade. In order for your absence to be considered “excused,” you must provide documentation (e.g. doctor’s note; dean’s note; etc.) that your absence is due to a university approved reason for excusing an absence. You should let me know as far in advance of any absence (excused or unexcused). If, however, you are absent due to an unforeseen emergency (e.g. a medical emergency and/or a natural disaster that rendered it impossible or life-threatening for you to attend class), please contact the appropriate emergency supports and take care of yourself. You can submit documentation of the emergency and meet with the professor later after you have addressed the more pressing issue(s). Please note that even in the case of excused absences, students must be present for at least 70% of the class sessions if they wish to receive credit for the course. If you think you might be at risk of being absent for more than 30% of the class sessions, please, do not wait; reach out the instructor immediately.

  • Lateness – Repeated lateness will also effect your grade. In a course that meets once a week, I count three late attendances as one unexcused absence. I reserve the right to mark you as late if you arrive after the start of our scheduled class time. However, I try to extend a 3-5 minute grace period for non-habitual late arrivals. I will consider you late if you arrive 5-25 minutes after classes start. If you arrive later than 25 minutes, you may be counted as absent.

  • Early Departures – Similarly, I expect students to stay through the entirety of the seminar class. With prior notice, a student may due to an emergency or a one-off necessity leave class early. In order to get credit for the class, you must be present and actively participating for more than half the class session.