This course is a hybrid graduate / undergraduate seminar focused on the black art and culture in that early 20th century period most frequently called The Harlem Renaissance, but which has also been called The New Negro Renaissance. Despite both names this flourishing of black culture and black presence in broader (read white) US culture was neither isolated to Harlem nor new in the sense of unique or just getting started. The Harlem or New Negro Renaissance was a multidirectional movement across the nation, the Americas, and the Atlantic. It was a multi-genre and interdisciplinary movement. And while, it was infused with a generational voice, it was in fact an intergenerational movement with traceable momentum as early as the Reconstruction period and as late as post War Civil Rights era. I do not wish us to abandon the emphasis on location and newness in how we understand this period, but I do want us to unsettle the stability of these categories. While I could have chosen a different location as the center of our inquiry or started our study before 1920 or after 1935. However, I want us to unsettle and question not shift and resettle these historical frameworks. As such, we will take as our central text one produced at an address we can no longer visit and written by a collection of artists from various places other than Harlem and who remained all in their own way transient and on the move. Moreover the 1926 Journal Fire!! Devoted to Younger Negro Artists shifts the focus away from “new” to “young” and clarifies its audience as “negro artists” rather than “the negro.” Think of this journal, its pieces, and editorial history as the center of a wheel. Over the semester we will also examine significant spokes around this text that extend out to other texts, communities, collaborations, and histories. We will not cover every text or even every spoke that could be attached to this center. The hope though is that we will establish enough solid spokes that by the end of the semester, we can think through and perhaps with the contours of a functional wheel.

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