Google Sheets: Collaboration

In this workshop you’ll learn helpful tips and tricks for collaborating on spreadsheets with other people. You’ll learn all about how to manipulate data without affecting the information for others using filter views. You’ll also learn how to lockdown and protect areas of your spreadsheet, how to add data validation to cells, and more.

Google Sheets: BC Mail Merge

There are many ways to manage sending emails to large groups of people. This workshop covers the mail merge process using Google Sheets. Mail merges are great for sending customized email messages to recipients. I’ll cover the mail merge process from beginning to end including some advanced uses of the tool. You’ll connect a mail merge to a Google Form, learn how to share the mail merge process with more than one person, set up conditions to send the mail merge to select recipients, and more.


Introduction to Google Sheets

Learn how spreadsheets can help you store, organize, and analyze information to help you make decisions or manage routine processes. Learning how to use spreadsheets is extremely helpful no matter if you’re tracking student trends, keeping track of grades, or even merging and analyzing large datasets. This workshop will cover the basics of what spreadsheets are and maybe more importantly what they’re not. You’ll learn some of the basic functionality of spreadsheets including sorting and filtering information, referencing data from different locations, and an introduction to some common functions.

Workshop Resources: