Group Members

Merkert Chemistry Center, Boston


Michele Formica

Ph.D. with Darren J. Dixon at the University of Oxford

Haruki Kobayashi

M.S. with Masahiko Yamaguchi at Tohoku University

Qinghe Liu

Ph.D. with Jinbo Hu at Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry


Ryan P. Conger

University of New England

Meagan E. Hackey

Roger Williams University

Casey P. Howshall

University of Pennsylvania

Tobias Koengeter

University of Konstanz

Yucheng Mu

Nanjing University

Shawn Ng

National University of Singapore

Can Qin

Nanjing University

Jing Wan

National Taiwan University

Shibo Xu

University of Science and Technology of China

Supramolecular Science and Engineering Institute, Strasbourg

Valentin Bauer

Ph.D. with Vladimir Torbeev at Université de Strasbourg

Stella Gonsales

Ph.D. with Adam S. Veige at University of Florida

Youming Huang

Ph.D. with Gang Zhao at Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry

Xinghan Li

University of Science and Technology of China

Katie Lounsbury

M.S. with Peter Zhang at Boston College

Zoé Mueller

 M.S. at Université de Strasbourg

Ali Nikbakht

Ph.D. with Saeed Balalaie at Khajeh Nasir Toosi University of Technology, Tehran

Paulo Paioti

Ph.D. with Aaron Aponick at University of Florida

Filippo Romiti

Ph.D. with J. Stephen Clark at University of Glasgow