Research Day

Friday, October 30, 2020

Webinar Panels

Virtual Poster Session: Click here.

Teaching Panel

Conevery Valencius, US Health Histories
Welkin Johnson, COVID-19 Assays
Hans de Wit, International implications for teaching         

with hosts/moderators: 
Nadia Abuelezam, Nursing 
Martin Summers, History/AADS 

Invited Guest Panel

Lilian Ferrer Lagunas, Vice-Rector of International Affairs at PUC Chile
Walter Ricciardi, President, World Federation of Public Health Associations

with hosts/moderators: 
Joyce Edmonds, Nursing 
Summer Hawkins, Social Work 

Research Panel    

Theresa Betancourt, Family Strengthening 
Dean Hashimoto, Masks 
Utku Ünver, Pandemic Rationing

with hosts/moderators: 
Andrea Vicini, SJ, Theology
Tara Pisani Gareau, Earth and Environmental Sciences 

Virtual Poster Session: Click here.