Close-up of Fr. Monan

Boston College Libraries remembers

On March 18, 2017, J. Donald Monan, SJ, died, and Boston College lost its modern architect. If you are a member of the Boston College community you are a part of Fr. Monan’s vision of what a modern American university should be. As we grieve his loss and do our best to carry his devotion to teaching, scholarship, and building communities into a new era, we hope this small exhibit of Fr. Monan’s activities at Boston College provides context for his enormous contributions to the culture of our University.

Photo of The groundbreaking ceremony for O'Neill Library, with Fr. Monan speaking, early 1980s.
Building Thomas P. O’Neill, Jr. Library
Photo of  Bapst Library's old auditorium, cleared before renovation, mid-1980s
Transforming Boston College’s Campus
Photo of Fr. Donan with Ronald Reagan, Doug Flutie, and Silvio Conte
Fr. Monan at the O’Neill Testimonial Dinner with President Ronald Reagan, Doug Flutie, and Silvio Conte, March 17, 1986. View in BC Libraries collections.
Father Monan at the 1978 Faculty Convocation
As We Knew Him
Photo of Fr. Monan speaking in Bapst Library
Fr. Monan’s Speeches, Writings, and Thought
Photo of Fr. Monan with 10 faculty members, men and women, standing behind.
Forging Campus Relationships