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In collaboration with CTE and CDIL, we at ATR recognize AI’s growing impact on law and education. This hub demystifies AI for you. We offer straightforward insights and tools designed to make AI an asset in your educational and legal endeavors. Our mission? To empower the BC Law community to harness AI with confidence.

AI 101: Your Primer

Whether you have experience with AI tools or haven’t started the learning process yet, you’ll find these resources helpful to develop a base knowledge so you can interact with these tools in an informed way.

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Share Your AI Experience

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this transformative conversation. Contribute to the collective wisdom of our Law School and the broader BC community by sharing your AI experiences. Use the form linked below to showcase how AI has impacted your work. Your insights will serve as invaluable case studies, guide best practices, and even help troubleshoot issues where AI didn’t quite meet the mark.

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Additional Resources

AI Concepts: Deep Dive

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