Hello everyone!

This newsletter has several resources to help you prepare for the coming semester. You’ll find tips and resources for preparing your spring Canvas site, an overview of how to use the new Law School Canvas templates, a new way to schedule appointments using Google Calendar, as well as training and workshop opportunities to help you feel confident starting the coming semester. As always, these training sessions are open to the entire Law School community.

Spring 2023 Canvas Preparations

Spring Canvas Sites Are Ready!

Your spring courses are now available in Canvas. If you don’t see your course let me know and I can make sure you are added with the proper permissions. Aside from using the new Law School templates, you can check out the resources below for other common tasks for getting up and running with your Canvas sites each semester.

Guides For Common Tasks

Clean up your Canvas dashboard – If you’ve ever customized what courses appear on your Canvas dashboard you may need to update your course list for the current semester. You can hide old courses, and enable new courses to appear by following the instructions linked above.

A quick guide on publishing all of Canvas’s content options – If you’ve ever been confused about whether or not something you’ve added to Canvas is published and available to your students, this guide will help.

Use my “before you publish” guide as a reference as you’re preparing your Canvas sites for the coming semester. There’s a quick start guide that goes over the bare minimum you should do to get your course ready for the semester. There’s also a more in-depth guide that covers other common things you may need to do in order to further enhance and prepare your Canvas site each semester. 

Ed Tech FAQ – I recorded a tutorial video with answers to several of the most common questions I get every semester. This is a good place to start if you have questions about the educational technology tools available to you. There are time stamps in the description to help you quickly find the information you’re looking for.

You can find more helpful tutorial videos on the BC Law Ed Tech YouTube page.

Software Update Announcement
Workshop Schedule Announcement