Tableau as a Viz tool

Last semester I worked with En Viaje, a Chilean travel magazine published by the National Railway Company (Empresa de Ferrocarriles del Estado, EFE) between 1933 and 1973. I did not work with all of them, I examined the issues until 1946. The editors of this publication set off to depict the south of Chile as a tourist destination. The North was the productive landscape with its mines and its valleys. The South was the landscape to be admired. Among other things, I recollected the amount of times specific places appeared in the cover, the editor’s note, the articles, and the insert. Then I georeferenced that data using Tableau, a free data visualization tool. The result was this:

Sheet 1

For some weird reason I cannot still figure out, you cannot see it properly. You still see it in my profile at Tableau here.

Latin American Timeline Using Piktochart

Have you ever used Piktochart?

I had never heard of this resource, until Donna Troka came to our Teaching Training Class to talk about the work of the Center for Faculty Development and Excellence at Emory University. In doing so, she told us about how she was incorporating technology to her own teaching by using infographics. Later in the semester, I did a workshop at the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship and Alan Pike taught how to use Piktochart. I decided to give it a go. Continue reading