Other publications including non-refereed surveys, refereed publications in books, refereed policy papers, and refereed publications in proceedings are here.

Papers deposited at this website and at working paper archives such as SSRN and IDEAS are generally downloadable with or without the need for a free account. Journal links to papers could be behind a paywall unless otherwise noted, in which case the final draft version is also provided with a downloadable link next to the journal link.

  • “Covid-19: How To Prioritize Worse-off Populations in Allocating Safe and Effective Vaccines,” (with Harald SchmidtParag A. PathakTayfun Sönmez) The British Medical Journal, (October 2020) 371:m3795 | from Journal | Manuscript ePrint
  • “Incentivized Kidney Exchange,” (with Tayfun Sönmez and M. Bumin Yenmez) American Economic Review, (July 2020) 110(7): 2198-2224 | Manuscript ePrint | Online Appendix | Data Set || Slides || First draft (Jan 2015, with Tayfun Sönmez) from SSRN
  • “Efficient and Incentive-Compatible Liver Exchange,” (with Haluk Ergin and Tayfun Sönmez) Econometrica, (May 2020) 88(3): 965–1005 | Manuscript ePrint | Online Appendix || Slides || Older draft including two-size mechanism: from BC Econ WP
  • “Two-Sided Matching via Balanced Exchange,” (with Umut Mert DurJournal of Political Economy, (June 2019) 127(3): 1156-1177 | Manuscript ePrint | Online Appendix || from BC Econ WP | Slides
  • “How (Not) to Integrate Blood Subtyping Technology to Kidney Exchange,” (with Tayfun Sönmez and Özgür YilmazJournal of Economic Theory, (July 2018) 176: 193-231 | from Journal | from BC Econ WP
  • “Dual-Donor Organ Exchange,” (with  Haluk Ergin and Tayfun Sönmez) Econometrica, (September 2017) 85(5): 1645-1671 | Manuscript ePrint | Online Appendix | Simulation Files || Slides || Older draft (Nov. 2015): “Lung Exchange” PDF
  • “Incentive Compatible Allocation and Exchange of Discrete Resources,” (with Marek PyciaTheoretical Economics, (January 2017) 12(1): 287–329 | Open Access from Journal || Older drafts: (May 2015) from SSRN | (Feb 2014) from BC Econ WP | (Nov 2011) PDF
    • Related: “Trading Cycles for School Choice” (with Marek Pycia) | from SSRN
  • “The Pennsylvania Adoption Exchange Improves Its Matching Process,” (with Vincent SlaughMustafa AkanOnur KestenINFORMS Journal on Applied Analytics, (Mar/Apr 2016) 46(2): 133-153 | from Journal | from BC Econ WP
  • “Decomposing Random Mechanisms,” (with Marek Pycia) Journal of Mathematical Economics, (Dec 2015) 61: 21-33 | from Journal | from BC Econ WP
  • “A Theory of School-Choice Lotteries,” (with Onur Kesten) Theoretical Economics, (May 2015) 10: 543-595 | Open Access from Journal || Slides
  • “Kidney Exchange and the Alliance for Paired Donation: Operations Research Changes the Way Kidneys are Transplanted,” (with Ross Anderson, Itai Ashlagi, David Gamarnik, Michael Rees, Alvin E. Roth, Tayfun Sönmez) INFORMS Journal on Applied Analytics, (Jan/Feb 2015) 45(1):24-42 | from Journal
  • “Altruistically Unbalanced Kidney Exchange,” (with Tayfun Sönmez) Journal of Economic Theory, (July 2014) 152: 105-129 | from Journal | from BC Econ WP
    • Related: “Transplant Center Incentives in Kidney Exchange,” (with Alvin E. Roth and Tayfun Sönmez) unpublished mimeo, (Mar 2005) | PDF
  • “The `Boston’ School-Choice Mechanism: An Axiomatic Approach,” (with Fuhito KojimaEconomic Theory, (Apr 2014) 55(3): 515-544 | from Journal | from BC Econ WP
  • “Two Axiomatic Approaches to the Probabilistic Serial Mechanism,” (with Tadashi HashimotoDaisuke Hirata, Onur Kesten, Morimitsu KurinoTheoretical Economics, (Feb 2014) 9: 253-277 | Open Access from Journal
    • Related: “On Characterizations of the Probabilistic Serial Mechanism Involving Incentive and Invariance Properties,” (with Onur Kesten and Morimitsu Kurino) Mathematical Social Sciences, in honor of Herve Moulin, (Nov 2017) 90: 56-62 | from Journal
    • Related: These papers are partially based on: “Fair and Efficient Assignment via The Probabilistic Serial Mechanism” (with Onur Kesten and Morimitsu Kurino) | from BC Econ WP
  • “Unraveling Results from Comparable Demand and Supply: An Experimental Investigation,” (with Alvin E. Roth and Muriel NiederleGames, Special Issue in Matching, (2013) 4(2): 243-282 | Open Access from Journal
  • “House Allocation with Existing Tenants: A Characterization,” (with Tayfun Sönmez) Games and Economic Behavior, (July 2010) 69(2): 425-445 | from Journal | from SSRN || First Draft (Feb 2006): “Kidney Exchange with Good Samaritan Donors: A Characterization” from BC Econ WP
  • “Course Bidding at Business Schools,” (with Tayfun Sönmez) International Economic Review, (Feb 2010) 51 (1) 99–123 | from Journal | from SSRN || First Draft (2003): from IDEAS
  • “Dynamic Kidney Exchange,” Review of Economic Studies, (January 2010) 77 (1): 372-414 | Manuscript ePrint | from SSRN
  • “Ideology and Existence of 50%-Majority Equilibria in Multidimensional Spatial Voting Models,” (with Herve CresJournal of Theoretical Politics (2010) 22: 431-444 | from Journal | from SSRN
    • Related: “Toward a 50%-Majority Equilibrium When Voters are Symmetrically Distributed,” (with Herve Cres) Mathematical Social Sciences, in honor of Herve Moulin, (Nov 2017) 90: 145-149 | from Journal
  • “A Non-simultaneous Extended Altruistic Donor Chain,” (with Michael Rees et al.) The New England Journal of Medicine, (Mar 2009) 360 (11): 1096-1101 | Manuscript ePrint
  • “Internet Auctions with Artificial Adaptive Agents: A Study on Market Design,” (with John Duffy) Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, (Aug 2008) 67 (2): 394-417 | from Journal | from SSRN
  • “Improving the Efficiency of Course Bidding at Business Schools: Field and Laboratory Studies,” (with Aradhna Krishna) Marketing Science, (Mar/Apr 2008) 27: 262-282 | from Journal | Online Appendix | from SSRN
  • “Random Paths to Pairwise Stability in Many-to-Many Matching Problems: A Study on Market Equilibration,” (with Fuhito Kojima) International Journal of Game Theory, in Honor of David Gale‘s 85’th birthday, (Mar 2008) 36(3-4): 473-488 | from Journal | from SSRN
  • “Unraveling Yields Inefficient Matching: Evidence from Post-Season College Football Bowls,” (with Guillaume Frechette and Alvin E. Roth) RAND Journal of Economics, (Winter 2007) 38(4): 967-982 | from Journal | Online Appendix || from SSRN
  • “Efficient Kidney Exchange: Coincidence of Wants in Markets with Compatibility-Based Preferences,” (with Tayfun Sönmez and Alvin E. Roth) American Economic Review, (June 2007) 97(3): 828-851 | Manuscript ePrint | Online Appendix | Simulation Files || from SSRN
    • National Science Foundation’s press release about Kidney Exchange
  • “Equilibrium Selection and the Role of Information in Repeated Matching Markets,” (with Ernan HaruvyEconomics Letters, (Feb 2007) 94: 284-289 | from Journal | PDF
  • “Utilizing List Exchange and Non-directed Donation through “Chain” Paired Kidney Donations,” (with Alvin E. Roth, Tayfun Sönmez, Francis L. Delmonico and Susan L. SaidmanAmerican Journal of Transplantation, (Nov 2006) 6: 2694-2705 | Manuscript ePrint
  • “Games of Capacity Manipulation in Hospital-Intern Markets,” (with Hideo KonishiSocial Choice and Welfare, (Aug 2006) 27: 3-24 | from Journal | from BC Econ WP
  • “Credible Group Stability in Many-to-Many Matching Problems,” (with Hideo Konishi) Journal of Economic Theory, (July 2006) 129: 57-80 | from Journal | from IDEAS
  • “Asset Price Bubbles and Crashes with Near-Zero-Intelligence Traders,” (with John DuffyEconomic Theory, (Apr 2006) 27: 537-563 | from Journal | from IDEAS
  • “The Dynamics of Law Clerk Matching: An Experimental and Computational Investigation of Proposals for Reform of the Market,” (with Ernan Haruvy and Alvin E. Roth) Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, (Mar 2006) 30: 457-486 | from Journal | Experiment Instructions || from IDEAS
  • “Pairwise Kidney Exchange,” (with Alvin E. Roth and Tayfun Sönmez) Journal of Economic Theory, (Dec 2005) 125: 151-188 | from Journal | from IDEAS || First draft (2004): from NBER
  • “House Allocation with Existing Tenants: An Equivalence,” (with Tayfun Sönmez) Games and Economic Behavior, (July 2005) 52: 153-185 | from Journal | from IDEAS
  • “On the Survival of Some Unstable Two-Sided Matching Mechanisms,” International Journal of Game Theory, (June 2005) 33: 239-254 | from Journal | Experiment Data | Online Appendix || from IDEAS
  • “Kidney Exchange,” (with Alvin E. Roth and Tayfun Sönmez) Quarterly Journal of Economics, (May 2004) 119: 457-488 | Manuscript ePrint
  • “Room Assignment-Rent Division: A Market Approach,” (with Atila Abdulkadiroglu and Tayfun Sönmez) Social Choice and Welfare, (June 2004) 22: 515-538 | from Journal | from IDEAS
    • Related: “Market Mechanisms for Fair Allocation of Indivisible Objects and Money” | PDF
  • “Backward Unraveling over Time: The Evolution of Strategic Behavior in the Entry-Level British Medical Labor Markets,” Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, (June 2001) 25: 1039-1080 | from Journal | from IDEAS

Other Publications

(Non-refereed ones are denoted)

  • “Leverbytesprogram – framtid för Sverige?” (Liver Exchange – A future for Sweden?), (with Tommy Andersson and Tayfun Sönmez) Läkartidningen (The Journal of the Swedish Medical Association) 115, E9YL. (Non-refereed) | from Journal
  • “Improving Child Welfare Outcomes via Market Design,” (with Vincent Slaugh, Mustafa Akan, and Onur Kesten) In S. D. Kominers and A. Teytelboym (Eds.): More Fair by Design: Economic Design Responses to Inequality, forthcoming (Non-refereed) | Slides
  • “Market Design for Living-Donor Organ Exchanges: An Economic Policy Perspective,” (with Tayfun Sönmez). Oxford Review of Economic Policy, (November 2017) 33(4):676-704. | from Journal | from BC Econ WP
  • “Market Design for Kidney Exchange,” (with Tayfun Sönmez). In Z. Neeman, A.E. Roth, N. Vulkan (Eds.): The Handbook of Market Design, Oxford University Press, (October 2013) 93-137. (Non-refereed) | PDF
    • Related: “New Sources in Living Kidney Donation,” (with Ruthanne Hanto, Alvin E. Roth, and Francis Delmonico). In D. B. McKay and S. M. Steinberg (Eds.): Kidney Transplantation: A Guide to the Care of Kidney Transplant Recipients, Springer (2010) 103-107. (Non-refereed)
  • “Matching, Allocation, and Exchange of Discrete Resources,” (with Tayfun Sönmez). In J. Benhabib, A. Bisin, and M. Jackson (Eds.): Handbook of Social Economics, North-Holland, (2011) Vol. 1A: 781-852. (Non-refereed) | from SSRN
  • “A Kidney Exchange Clearinghouse in New England,” (with Alvin E. Roth and Tayfun Sönmez) American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings (renamed as AEA: Papers and Proceedings), (May 2005) 95(2): 376-380. | Manuscript ePrint
    • Related: “Kidney Paired Donation with Compatible Pairs,” (with Alvin E. Roth and Tayfun Sönmez) American Journal of Transplantation, (2007) 7: 1 (Reply, non-refereed)
  • “On Determination of Optimal Reserve Prices in Auctions with Common Knowledge about the Ranking of Valuations,” (with Alexander Elbittar) In Murat R. Sertel and Semih Koray (Eds.): Advances in Economic Design, Springer, (2003) 79-94 | PDF