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Supporting Students as Whole-People Online During a Pandemic
[embeddoc url="https://sites.bc.edu/responding-to-covid-19/files/2020/10/Kim-et-al-Formative-Ed-COVID-Poster-2020-2.pdf" download="all" viewer="google"] https://youtu.be/De4yKPdYZqE (More)
Online Education in the COVID-19 Era: 3 Questions to Help You Define Your Strategy
Aleksandar (Sasha) Tomić Sasha Tomić, Associate Dean for Strategy, Innovation, and Technology in the Woods College of Advancing Studies, has put forward three questions to help institutions of higher learning establish and maintain a COVID-19 res (More)
COVID-19: The Internationalization Revolution That Isn’t
Hans de Wit Phillip G. Altbach Hans de Wit and Phillip Altbach recently authored an article on COVID-19's effects on higher education: "The COVID-19 crisis will have major implications for global student mobility, with declines overall, most (More)